What Is Copywriting – And Why Is Important



Copywriting is the act of developing content that will produce a desired result on any content medium. The result most people are interested in is making money, so let’s just say that copywriting is the words you use in your content that get you sales. That’s probably what most professional marketers mean when they say that “content is king”… they mean copywrite content is king.

What Kind Of Content Do Copywriters Produce

Copywriters produce all kinds of content. Sales letters, newsletters, Blog posts, emails, Video content, audio content and anything else that uses words to sell. So, the next time you engage in one of these forms of content, you will be aware that this is a form of copywriting.

Most people who produce “copy” (short for copywriting) are not professional copywriters. Although the content they produce is for a reason, they are not producing it in the style of a copywriter.

That’s because, for some reason, when bloggers and website owners think about copywriting, they automatically think about sales copy and nothing else. Which means the only content they are trying to profit from is sales pages… Big mistake!

Producing Content With A Purpose

Whenever we produce content on our blogs or websites, there should be a goal we intend to reach by creating this content in the first place. If there is no reason, then you should expect that there is no result. Sure, you can create tons of content on a specific topic and make some sales over time, but nowhere near your actual potential if you have a plan.

Creating content with a purpose does a few things for you and your audience. It forces you, the content producer (writer, audio or video creator), to take the time to make content that people actually will take time to engage in. Also, it gives the viewer something of value that will possibly help them in their lives.

This is a brief article to make you aware of what copywriting actually is… to learn more about how to produce copy… go to the next article 8 Types Of Copywriting Digital Marketers Use All The Time



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