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When people learn about online marketing, the first thing they want to know is how they can get started… and then, how can they start making money? These are two great questions to ask, but there is a huge gray area in the middle. There are a lot of different methodologies, like blogging, eCommerce, social media marketing, and email marketing to name a few, but all of these methods have one thing in common… they all use marketing funnels to produce sales (at least they should be).

What Is A Funnel

A funnel is a process online marketers (successful marketers) use to guide prospects step-by-step to an end goal, which is usually to make sales. Although every marketing funnel is not the same, the goal of each one is… which is to cause a specific reaction from the website viewer.

Let’s take email marketers as an example. Email marketers usually use a funnel that starts with a simple “squeeze page” or “opt-in form”. A squeeze page is a form that requires you, the viewer, to give your email address in exchange for something FREE (ebook, video course,…). After the email marketer gets your email address, they will send you a series of emails related to product(s) you may be interested in based on a specific niche.

Although online marketers should know what a funnel is and does, most do not use the concept correctly. Funnels are supposed to be well thought out and planned ahead of time so that the marketing is not random, but targeted. Of course, if the funnels do not work correctly, then they should be tweaked regularly, but after the fact.

Why Digital Marketing Funnels Are Important

Online marketing is a popular trend nowadays, as it allows for an easy means for starting a business. Although there are many people who choose to start a business online, most of them struggle to make significant profits and one reason is that they are not using funnels within there businesses.

The biggest brand names online use funnels. Amazon uses funnels… when you click on an Amazon link outside of the Amazon web store, you are immediately taken to that product and if you decide not to purchase, you are given other choices “related” to that item… You are now in their funnel. And the system will continue to present you with products related to your actions as long as you stay within the system (of course there’s more to it than that, but I’m sure you understand the point).

Therefore, if you don’t have a funnel in place for your online business, you are not directing your prospects to the correct places on your site. And when people come to your site, they too are searching for a benefit, so a funnel will take them where they want to be… and in return you will most likely make sales.

How To Set Up A Funnel For Your Online Business

Building funnels for your websites can be done in different ways. You can manually set up your funnels or you can use a funnel building software to semi-automate the process for you.

Choosing to create funnels on your own can be done, but it takes time to learn. You would have to design and create every page within the funnel and you could make big mistakes linking all the pages together if you aren’t an experienced funnel builder.

If your business is already making some profits and you want to use funnels to increase your revenue quickly, using the software is the better option. Software makes building funnels extremely easy and cuts down on the learning curve so you can focus more on generating revenue for your business. The funnel building software I recommend is called ClickFunnels and you can read my ClickFunnels Review here.

To learn more about creating funnels to help boost your online profits, so you can start really benefiting from your online marketing efforts, click the link below and check out the article about the “Best” funnel creation software for digital marketers.

My ClickFunnels Review – The Funnel Stops Here



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