Understanding How Pinterest Works To Get Your Pins Noticed



Pinterest is known to help drive a lot of traffic to blogs and websites. The main reason for this is that Pinterest is actually a search engine. You wouldn’t know that just by going to the platform and looking around because all you see is these Instagram-like images all over the place which makes most people feel that it’s simply an image gallery… but it’s much more than that.

What You See Is Not Always What You Get

Logging in to Pinterest is pretty much like any other social media site. You have to create a membership, name, password and you’re in. When you get on the inside of Pinterest, you will see all these images categorized into different topics. Most people just follow what everyone else is doing and start posting images on their account, too.

Sports, food, work from home, diet & weight loss and anything else you can think of. It’s all on Pinterest… millions of images set up in a neat systematic style allowing you to find whatever you need in a “Pin”.

But… Pinterest is much more than just an image farm where you can go and put your favorite images. And if you are an internet marketer, it’s worth it to understand a little bit more about how this social media platform works.

Navigating Through the Pinterest “Search Engine”

Just like Google or Bing… Pinterest has a search, which allows you to find images related to any topic you are interested in. For example, if you want to learn more about losing weight, all you have to do is search weight loss and you will find hundreds of images related to weight loss.

When a search is done in the search bar, often times, a host of subtopics are displayed in the top bar depending on the original search. This allows searchers to delve deeper into the topic to find more specific images related to that subject.

So, more and more we can see how Pinterest resembles a search engine… but it is!

What Makes Pinterest An Actual Search Engine?

We can agree that when we want to find general or specific information online, we usually do a search in one of the more popular search engines. Google and Bing don’t require a membership and they are attached to the browsers we use based on our settings. We put in the information, make the search and get a bunch of articles to choose from on a lot of different websites.

Pinterest isn’t much different. Yes, you do have to sign up… and your search will be answered in the form of an image, but those are the two major differences.

All the images on Pinterest will direct you to a website that should contain the information you seek… just like on Google and Bing. If you go to Pinterest and hover over any of the images, you will immediately see that a website address pops up on one of the lower corners, and that website should have information about your topic.

Optimizing Your Images for Pinterest Search

Now that we have gotten the whole search engine thing out of the way. Let’s learn how to make our pins get to the top of a Pinterest search. When sending an image to Pinterest, you could do like most people and just “Pin it”, or you could actually optimize it so it will be one of the more popular pins when people make a search related to your pin.

  • The first thing you want to do is make sure to put some type of text on your pin. Recently, I learned that Pinterest has a software built into the system that can read the text on pins, so make sure the text matches the topic.
  • Next, put a description for each pin that gives more information about how that image is a related search for that specific topic.
  • Make your description keyword rich (don’t keyword stuff), so the algorithm will choose your pin to be at the top of the search.
  • Pin your image to multiple boards on your account, so people who follow your boards will share your content.
  • Create attractive pins that will cause people to stop when they see them and click to get more information.

How To Automate Your Pins To Generate Traffic To Your Website

Once you realize that Pinterest has the ability to drive traffic back to your website, it’s a good idea to automate the process. The more pins you have going to your account, the more traffic you can have visiting your website and purchasing your products.

One of the most Pinterest friendly tools on the market is Tailwind. This software allows you to set up pins daily, weekly, and monthly so you can use Pinterest as a traffic source for your business. Create pins for your brand, schedule them on Tailwind and relax as your viewers and traffic increase daily.

Automation is an online marketer’s best friend because there is so much to do in your online business. Most marketers take a DIY approach when getting started, so it is difficult to produce content and worry about traffic and everything else day-by-day. Automation is definitely the way to go.

Learn how to use Pinterest for your business and add this asset to your arsenal of profit generating tools.

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