The Two Best Ways to Get Your Content Noticed & Viewed



Creating content takes time and effort. Sometimes… a lot of times… it’s difficult to come up with content on a regular basis.

That is part of niche marketing and it comes with the territory. However, when content creation is at its peak… you want your posts to be clicked on and read.

After all… you spent a lot of time thinking about what to produce, so you definitely want people to see the results.

The First Phase of Getting Your Content Noticed

Without a doubt, the best way to get your blog content noticed… or any kind of content, is to spend time creating killer headlines.

Headlines are pretty much a make it or break it with regards to getting clicks on your content.

Blog posts and news articles use curiosity and emotion to get people to read the articles within the web posts… and the same goes for anything else we create.

Even getting the first position in a Google search doesn’t mean you will get more clicks than the number two or three articles if your headline doesn’t get the reader’s attention.

That’s why you really have to pay attention to what goes into your title.

5 Simple Headline Intros to Get More Clicks

OK… I confess. That headline is actually one of the types of titles you want to use to get people to click on your articles.

Creating list titles like: 17 Strategies…, 9 Reasons Why…, 5 Spicy Chicken Recipes…, etc., is one way to incite curiosity because readers want to know what these special techniques are.

Another powerful headline technique is to use the words “How to” in the beginning as this gives the feeling of learning something new. And people are always trying to learn new things.

In the same way as the “How to” headline, a similar strategy is to add “Learn” in front, so the title will read “Learn How to” and the effect is the same as “How to”.

Use words like “Strategies”, “Techniques”, “Tips”, and “Tricks” to give the idea that you will be revealing something totally new to your audience (and for many readers… it will be totally new).

Create headlines with strong adjectives like, “Powerful”, “Amazing”, and “Incredible”, to spark emotion, so that readers know that your article must be read.

Try to use the word “FREE” wherever applicable because people love to learn about free methods for doing anything. Warning! Don’t use FREE too often or you probably will attract a crowd that won’t purchase your products later on.

The Second Phase of Getting Your Content Viewed

In this section we will address an issue that is just as important as the headline.

We live in a time when video has become an important medium for many content creators. YouTube, Vimeo and other successful video platforms are where a lot of content is published… day-in and day-out.

Although headlines are also important for videos… they may not actually be as important as the featured image (also referred to as the thumbnail).

Images have become the deciding factor in many cases on which video a viewer will click on.

The same way that headlines arouse curiosity in online browsers, thumbnails arouse emotion in the video surfers as well.

Creating images that incite curiosity in online viewers is not a difficult thing. If you don’t know what your viewers are attracted to… just head over to your competition (make sure they are doing it right) and create similar images.

In the last couple of years, there has been a noticeable trend on YouTube that creators are spending a lot more time crafting attractive thumbnails.

In addition, channel art is also noticeably changing because people like nice looking things… even if the content turns out to be mediocre. The important thing is getting that initial click.

There are many tools out there to assist with image creation. I use one called Stencil, which gives you all the options you need to create killer images for any online platform.

With Stencil you can set up and save templates so you don’t have to create your images from scratch each time… and you have access to over two million royalty free images that you can use for whatever you want.

Create images with Stencil on:

  • Facebook (All Sizes)
  • Twitter (All Sizes)
  • LinkedIn (All Sizes)
  • Instagram (All Sizes)
  • Pinterest (All Sizes)
  • WordPress (Integrates with a Plugin)
  • Google Chrome Browser
  • Firefox
  • Safari
  • Custom Sizes (Create & Save for use any time)

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The fact that image sizes come standard for all these platforms is proof of the importance of images in the first place.

Consider sites like Instagram and Pinterest that rely heavily on the placement of images within the platform. Sometimes people like those images and other times they become even more curious and take that extra step to visit your website.

Pinterest drives viewers directly to the page you want them to land on for that image. The image might be connected to a text or video article that leads to a product promotion which leads to a sale.

All that starts with an image… and there are some really good Pinterest tools to help you with arranging your images, so you can get more viewers and clicks on those images.

In Conclusion

There are two main strategies to get your content noticed, clicked on, and viewed. When we combine these two together, they become a powerful two-step technique that can help drive more traffic to your pages.

Creating killer headlines is something that all content creators must learn how to do…

Great headlines cannot be compromised… it just has to happen.

Powerful images that stop viewers in their tracks is the second part of this equation. Without amazing imagery… your content is dead in the water.

Use Stencil to create amazingly attractive images and thumbnails for your content.

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So… if you want your content to get noticed, start paying more attention to your headlines and your images.

And feel free to comment below to let me know how you feel about this topic.

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    • Hi Joseph,

      There are many important aspects that go into online marketing. Just like the sign on a physical store, the headlines and images help the viewer to decide if they want to come in and have a closer look.

      Thanks for the comment,

  1. Great post on these methods which is so effective I have also heard from other sources of these two methods you’re really going in-depth with. These methods will sure drive traffic. Thanks for sharing.

    • Yes… When I started learning more about copywriting, the first thing I learned is that the most important part of your copy is the headline. The headline is what attracts the attention of the reader. This is what gets the click to see what’s inside.

      Nowadays, since everything has become so animated and visual, images and thumbnails are now just as important as the headline… And when you do great with both, the result is usually more traffic and sales.

      Thanks for the comment Norman,

  2. Wadud, Your article pointed out several things I was not aware of! One of the most important had to do with the featured image.

    I was under the impression videos were all important but you make a great argument that the featured image is just as, or even more, important. And it’s something I have neglected up to this point. Thanks for pointing that out, you know your stuff! I’m going to go back thru my website and install featured images! I’m thinking Stencil will help me a lot!

    Have a great day!

    • Yes, when it comes to copywriting… the most important aspect is the headline. It’s the first thing people see, and it helps to get the click. However, if they are already on your site, the images will also become a deciding factor as to which article they will read next or if they will just leave the site all together.

      In the same way, video marketers pay very close attention to their video thumbnails. I have noticed scrolling through YouTube that sometimes videos have almost the exact same headlines, but the one with the most attractive image usually gets more views. And it is obvious that video marketers are now spending a lot more time creating vibrant and captivating images.

      Thanks Steve,

  3. Hi Wadud!

    I didn`t know anything about Stencil or image creation. Thank you so much for informing me on that.

    I am going to go to Stencil now and check it out.

    Why is Wealthy Affiliate your No. 1 recommendation?

    Am looking forward to reading more posts!


    • Hi Catherine!

      Yes, Stencil is great. I was using Canva before, but free tools have their limitations and when I learned about Stencil I got it right away. And I’m complete content with it.

      Wealthy Affiliate is my #1 recommendation because it’s a community plus training. The training is excellent to get you started with blogging and affiliate marketing. Those are the core models, but they teach you how to integrate eCommerce too. The community is kind of like a Facebook vibe, but it’s all inside of the Wealthy Affiliate platform.

      The members in Wealthy Affiliate are of all levels of online marketing. Some are beginners and others are full-time internet marketers, so if you ever have a question there are always hundreds of people ready to help you immediately. It’s a lot different than the programs you pay $997 for and you get a series of lessons and have to pay extra for a one on one with the program creator.

      The creators of Wealthy Affiliate actually reach out to you on a regular basis to make sure you are progressing in the program.

      The best advice I have for you is to try it out to see for yourself. I hope these answers are sufficient for you.

      Take care Catherine,

      Wadud Peterson


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