Successful Online Marketing Strategies – 3 Powerful Business Models



Online marketing can be a lucrative business if done correctly. With so many different business models to choose from, it is often difficult to decide what the most successful online marketing strategies really are. Of course, this differs from person to person based on niche, personality and skill set. All of these factors and more will affect the type of business model you choose to follow. This article will provide three powerful strategies you can use to boost your online profits.

The Basics Are Always Overlooked

As a newcomer to anything, there is always the desire to reach expert status at light speed. The issue here is that the novice only sees the results of other people’s hard work. So, when the authority tells us to start with the basics step-by-step, we often find ourselves thinking, “How will this make me successful like you?”. As a result, the digital marketing journey becomes longer and longer.

There are basics in every digital marketing business model that must be followed to become successful. Ironically, some of these concepts are present withing multiple systems and should be implemented by all marketers.

The basics of all marketing online is to bring traffic to an offer. I think we can all agree that if we don’t have traffic coming to our web pages, we are dead in the water. In the same context, we can also acknowledge that if we have traffic without money making offers, we still will not earn any commissions.

Therefore, these two core principles are present in all online marketing businesses.

Email Marketing & The Power of Building A List

Wherever you turn in the internet marketing world, you will constantly hear that the money is in the list. However, the real information you need to know is why…

The answer to that is TRAFFIC. There are different types of traffic… There’s cold traffic, warm traffic, and hot traffic. There’s also traffic you can’t control and there’s traffic you own. This is what an email list provides for marketers – Traffic You Own!

This means that if you focus on building a list on the front end, you will always have a group of people you can communicate with for FREE.

That is a powerful concept to grasp, but one that if done correctly can aid your business tremendously!

We shouldn’t get caught up in the numbers. Meaning, don’t worry about converting 1% or 5% of your list into customers. That is actually the second part of building the list…

The first thing you want to do is start building the list and as soon as you start getting subscribers, then you start your email marketing campaigns. Therefore, the first strategy you should attempt to learn and master is list building, which is directly connected to email marketing.

How to Earn Commissions Quickly

The result of everything we do in our business has to be $$$ profit. This revenue doesn’t have to come immediately, but it has to come somewhere in your marketing funnel… Otherwise you are running a charity and not a business.

Affiliate marketing is probably the most popular method to earn commissions quickly for your business. I want to clarify that although affiliate marketing is a newbie friendly strategy, it is heavily implemented by “Guru” marketers.

By using the technique of affiliate marketing within your online strategy, you will never suffer from a lack of products to sell or promote. The reason is that you are profiting from other people’s products, which means that you are only responsible for promoting.

Let’s take a moment to explain what an affiliate marketer is and what an affiliate does. An affiliate is often referred to as a partner on many networks, as he essentially enters a partnership with a company or individual to promote their products. Therefore, affiliate marketing is really the act of advertising other people’s products to take a portion of any sale you are responsible for.

After finding a product or products to promote, the vendors provide the affiliate with a hyperlink that has a special code in it. This code tells the vendor who referred the customer, and that is how you get paid. Someone clicks on one of your links, purchases a product and you get a commission of the sale.

IMPORTANT: If you think about the first strategy – List Building & Email Marketing – this is a powerful technique to use to earn affiliate commissions. Remember, a list builder you already have your own traffic source… and I will add that some online marketers only use these two strategies together to operate a fully functional online business.

Combining Strategies to Get The “Best Of Both Worlds”

The third strategy I will talk about combines everything we have discussed withing the first two systems. This method requires that you become a product creator, which means that you are now the vendor.

Being a vendor can be a huge win as an online entrepreneur. If you use the first strategy of building a list, you will be able to create products and promote them directly to your list. By doing this, you get to keep all the commissions and receive higher paydays.

As a vendor, you also have the option of allowing affiliate marketers to promote for you. This is extremely powerful because it does a couple of things for your business.

First – It gives you FREE traffic from your affiliates. As we discussed before, the affiliate uses his own traffic to promote products, so as the product vendor you benefit by not having to worry about coming up with an intricate plan to drive traffic to your offers.

Second – You are able to build a list fast. Each time an affiliate produces a sale for one of your products, the new customer is immediately placed on your email list because part of the checkout process requires entering their email address. And now you have more customers to market to in any way you like.

The Fundamentals Are Your Core to Success

Looking back at the three core strategies mentioned in this essay, the newbie probably will not see them for what they really are. If you start to pay attention to the process of how “You” actually purchase products, you will start to notice that these methods are used everywhere.

Start by learning how to build an email list and affiliate marketing. If you want to go for the ultimate win, become a product creator in the future.

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