Seven Tricks to Sell More Affiliate Products – Get Your Links Noticed



Affiliate marketing is a tried and true method for making money online. As with anything else, if you don’t do it right, you will not get the great results other marketers brag about. The main thing you want to do correctly to improve your affiliate marketing outcome is to get your links out in front of the right people. In the next few moments, we will explore seven powerful link placement techniques to get your links seen, so you can start getting more clicks and sales.

Blogging – Putting Affiliate Links In Your Articles

Setting up a blog is a powerful way to get your message out there as an affiliate marketer. When establishing your blog, make sure you add regular content so it will get noticed in the search engines over time. Whenever you write a new blog post, be sure to put the affiliate links related to that blog post throughout the article.

Do not be afraid to put links on your pages. This could be the difference between becoming a Wealthy Affiliate or just another mediocre affiliate marketer on the Net.

Try to find a happy medium between links and banners. If you don’t put enough links in your articles, no one will notice them… but if you overdo it, you will come across as spammy. But it takes a lot to come across as spammy on websites. So put your links wherever they will be noticed on your blog.

Place links:

  • In articles
  • On the site’s sidebar
  • In Product Reviews
  • In Pop-ups
  • In Headers

And the last point about the links in your blog… make sure the color is noticeable. Try to use something other than the standard blue link and bold and underline them, too.

Recommendations or Resource Page

Recommendations and resource pages are directly related to blogs a websites. As people get to know who you are online and trust your input… they will start to wonder what tools you use to do what you do.

A recommendations page is basically a page you create on your blog telling your audience what online tools you use within your business. Sometimes it helps to include tools you don’t use, but trust as an online marketer.

Any of the tools on the recommendations or resource page that you are an affiliate for… add your link so you can get a commission if your readers choose to sign up and use them.

Build An Email List

Building an email list is also another super ninja technique to boost your affiliate marketing. There are two types of traffic… traffic you own and traffic you don’t own. And you guessed it… your email list is traffic that you own my friend.

Sign up for an email autoresponder like ConvertKit to start building your email subscribers list. Once you start building a list of subscribers, they will become a private audience you can send messages to whenever you want to.

When sending messages to your list, you could send mini blog posts with links in the emails just like in your actual posts. You could also put excerpts of blog posts and send your subscribers back to your blog to read the rest.

This technique gets you traffic and exposure to the affiliate links that are already on your site.

Another technique is to promote affiliate products directly from your email messages. Try setting up 3 – 4 day campaigns around specific products to entice your readers to purchase an affiliate offer within that time frame.

Tapping into email traffic is a must, so if you aren’t doing that yet… get started today with ConvertKit to start building your email list.

Freebies to Build Your List

One of the top methods of building an email list is to give something away for FREE. When creating a freebie to give to your new subscribers… you want to do two things:

  1. Give away something that adds serious value
  2. Put affiliate links in your freebie to make commissions

The two most common freebies online marketers use are eBooks and videos. If you choose to create an eBook, it is very easy to add links in the text throughout the book.

Whenever a subscriber reads your eBook from their laptop, tablet, or mobile phone… a clickable link will be displayed in the text. Anyone who clicks on your links will be directed back to an affiliate offer that can be purchased.

Video is similar to eBooks in that you can add text under your video that lead to affiliate products. Also, if you are using a video platform like Vimeo to create your videos, you can also put links in the actual video.

Creating Your Own Products

Creating products based on your digital marketing experience is a great way to double or triple your earnings… but it doesn’t stop there.

Here’s one of the reasons why affiliate marketing is so powerful. By creating your own product, you can be a product creator and an affiliate at the same time.

So… how does this work?

When creating a digital product, it will usually be one of two types… an eBook or a Video course. An eBook can be created and uploaded to something like Google Docs, while a video course could be easily done completely with ClickFunnels.

Create your course and each time you talk about how to do something related to a product you are an affiliate for… just add the link for that product.

For example… if I created a product on how to build an affiliate website from scratch, I would talk about getting good hosting. Well… the provider I use is SiteGround, so I would add my affiliate link for SiteGround in the section for “Getting a Host Provider for Your Website.

See how it all starts to come together…

Web Hosting

Social Media Marketing

Social media is an aspect of online marketing that can’t be ignored. There are many reasons why, as an online entrepreneur, you should be on social media and affiliate marketing is just one of the many.

Set up social media accounts for the different niches you are in. Every time you create new content, send it to your social media platforms to improve social engagement.

Each time you add a social post, link back to your website, blog or even directly to an affiliate product (make sure direct linking is allowed). You could link back to a blog post or even to a landing page to capture new email subscribers.

Pinterest Marketing – It’s More Than Social Media

When we talk about social medial marketing, Pinterest is one of the platforms that is usually mentioned in the top 4 apps. However, Pinterest is different because it’s not just a social site… it’s also a search engine.

Pinterest is usually pegged at being the 3rd largest search engine. Whether it is or it isn’t… it is a beast for generating traffic to your pages.

Pinterest uses images that link back to websites to categorize searches within the platform. Learning how to create images that get ranked and shared on Pinterest usually results in a lot of traffic going back to your blog.

Some bloggers and digital marketers use Pinterest as their main traffic source, so it is definitely worth taking the time to learn.

Using tools like Tailwind will streamline your usage of Pinterest allowing you to set up traffic generation campaigns leading back to your affiliate links for days, weeks, and even months after you become a Tailwind expert.

Learn how to use Pinterest and get more traffic to your links.

In Conclusion

These are just a few techniques to use to increase traffic to your affiliate links, so you can make more online commission. Take the time to learn as many core strategies possible to become an expert affiliate marketer.

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