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Online marketing catches a lot of people off guard when they first get started. Imagine having so many people advertising the thousands of dollars they made yesterday, or last week and then promising you that you can do the same thing without any experience. Taking into consideration that everyone has problems, if those problems are financial, these promises sound extremely tempting.

Stepping back a little, I want to make it clear that most of the people who say they are earning 5, 6, and 7 figures probably are, but most of the time their success did not happen overnight. It takes time, research and effort to reach those levels of expertise, so it is by all means possible.

Setting Up A Website – The Core Fundamental of Online Marketing

The first thing to do getting started as an online marketer is to learn how to build a website. Some people might tell you it isn’t necessary, but you will soon realize that information is worth reconsidering. Think about it for a moment… you want to become an internet marketer on the “World Wide Web”. You definitely need to learn how to create a website and the good thing is that it isn’t difficult.

WordPress is the website creation platform for most online marketers. Building a website with WordPress can be learned in a day or two by going to YouTube and watching a tutorial about how to build a WordPress website. Try not to get too fancy in the beginning or one or two days will become 2-3 months easily. As a digital marketer, you only need a simple blog or website to get started.

Although you may find some online entrepreneurs out there claiming to not use a website, it is up to you to recognize that your website is your storefront on the internet. Therefore, it is advisable to set one up as soon as possible.

Choosing The Business Model to Generate Revenue

Starting a business online requires deciding what type of business it will be. Are you going to sell physical products as an eCommerce marketer or are you set on selling digital products which are downloadable after purchase?

There are a number of business models to choose from:

  • Blogging
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Video Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Email Marketing
  • Product Creation
  • Multi-Level Marketing (MLM)
  • And more…

The purpose of this article is not to explain all of these different business types, but it is important to understand that they exist and each one is different. Another point to know is that some of these online models do overlap as a means of establishment and monetization.

So as not to confuse, we will focus on blogging along with affiliate marketing for the duration.

Transforming Your Site Into A Blog

blogging website creationEarlier we mentioned the first step in becoming an online marketer is to create a website of some sort. Sticking to the blogging model, let’s say you decide to turn your site into a blog. This means you will create a lot of text based articles around a particular topic. This topic could be weight loss, auto restoration, finance or a host of other topics people are interested in.

The topic your blog is centered around is what is known as your niche. It’s best to focus on one niche for every website you create because otherwise it will become very difficult to get visitors to your site. Over time you will learn the specific topic within your niche that resonates with your readers causing your content to become more targeted.

Blogs only require a few pages to get started, such as a blog page, an about page, a contact page and a few legal pages. The most important page on a blog is, of course, the blog page. This is the page where all of your articles are placed in order, so your readers can check out your fresh content on a regular basis.

Listing site categories on the side column of your blog is a technique most bloggers use to allow readers to find topic based articles that do not show up on the first page. Having a search bar is another way to assist readers in finding content that isn’t seen on the first page of your blog as well. So, the blog page, search bar, and categories should also be present on your site (these are usually explained in the blog creation tutorials).

Driving Traffic to Your Website – Extremely Important

Traffic generation is the science (and it is a science) of driving people from different places online to your blog or website. There is no such thing as build a website and the people will come… If this is your model, please pay careful attention to this section. You have to learn how to drive traffic.

Driving traffic to your blog can be accomplished in two ways – paid or free. Both methods are lucrative once mastered, and both come at a cost. Learning how to use paid traffic costs money… lots of money while free traffic takes time… lots of time. It’s best to learn them both and set up a hybrid system in your business to benefit from both of these methods. Do not listen to the people who will tell you one form is better than the other because most successful marketers use both.

Paid traffic can be generated in a number of ways. The most famous to date are probably Google Ads and Facebook Ads. These platforms have systems in place where you can pay to place an ad inside of the Google Search results or within one of the Facebook feeds. Depending on how your ads are set up, you will pay a certain amount of money each time your ad is either seen or clicked on.

Google and Facebook Ads are extremely profitable once you learn how they work, but can be expensive during the learning process. There are many other sources of paid ads… a lot more, but these two will suffice as examples.

Now, let’s take a look at Free traffic, also referred to as Organic traffic. The first type of free traffic comes in the form of SEO (Search Engine Optimization). SEO is the act producing content on your site in a way that allows it to rank in the search engines when people browse the Net for specific information. SEO is what bloggers use to attract viewers to their blogs.

However, bloggers are known to use paid traffic and other forms of Organic traffic, too. Currently, the most common alternative to SEO is Social Media Marketing. Because so many people use social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and a host of others, these sites have become a major source of traffic generation.

Although driving traffic from social media sites is encouraged, it takes time to learn and profit from. Each platform has its own style of engagement… some are text based, while others require the use of images or videos. But getting social has the potential to send loads of traffic to your site which means it is a huge mistake not to learn this strategy.

How To Monetize An Online Business

So, you’ve set up your site and learned how to drive traffic. The next thing is to monetize your website or blog to begin profiting financially. There are two main strategies of monetization… sell your own products or someone else’s.

The goal for most digital marketers is to sell their own products, but this is not the easiest way to get started. As a new marketer, it is easier and more common to learn affiliate marketing first. Affiliate marketing is promoting and selling other online marketers’ products in return for a commission of each sale. This strategy is easier because it removes the necessity of learning how to create your own digital, which is extremely time consuming.

Bloggers who use affiliate marketing to monetize blogs will usually create content about different products within their niche. There’s a lot more to it then this, but each time their viewers read articles and purchase from their sites they earn commissions. If done correctly, affiliate marketing is well worth it.

The ultimate end goal of online marketers is to produce their own successful digital products. This could be in the form of ebooks, video training courses, membership sites and online coaching. Product creators reap the benefits of owning their products and having affiliates drive traffic for them. Transitioning from an affiliate to a product vendor can increase your overall profits significantly.

Online marketing seems difficult when looking at it from the eyes of a new or struggling marketer. It does take time to learn how all the pieces go together, but if you have the core strategies in place, then be patient and continue to do more for your business.

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