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Depending on the search engines for all of your organic traffic is a thing of the past. Google and Bing have become more strict with their algorithms in recent years which makes ranking for traffic a sought after skill. As so many social media platforms continue to spring up year after year, it’s a no brainer to add them to your traffic generation strategy. Increasing social media traffic is a clear method to send more traffic to your website and to alert the search engines that your content is worthy of ranking at a higher spot.

Mastering Your Trade Using Social Engagement

It takes a lot of effort to stick to a regimen of daily content creation. Entrepreneurs are constantly tasked with communicating with their audience to funnel traffic back to their offers and when the information is well received… the people usually come. But why stop at basic content creation… Why not do more than expected? This is where social engagement becomes such a value to the online marketer.

Content creation is your job, but so is traffic generation. If you have one without the other, then your business is suffering. Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, LikedIn, and Instagram are all waiting to receive new and fresh content from you too… and it doesn’t cost you anything! Learn how to engage on these platforms and start putting your two cents in each and every time you create something new.

The best part of social media engagement is that it isn’t a necessity to always use your own content. You have the option of posting or sharing. Posting your own content to drive visitors back to specific pages is a common strategy of many online marketers, but this is something that shouldn’t be done all the time. Sharing other people’s content is another method of gaining recognition and appreciation within the social arena.

Engaging with Attractive Imagery

There’s an old saying that “A picture is worth a thousand words”… But in the online world an attractive image could be worth a thousand likes and follows. You must realize that images are a huge part of social engagement and regardless of the platform, they should always be used in posts.

People love to look at beautiful things and this carries over to social media. Think about how many times you were on some social platform, saw an image and stopped to see what it was about before even reading the excerpt… Let’s take Twitter for instance. Although Twitter is known for its “Tweets”, the most engagement always comes when a visual aspect is added to the text.

Creating images isn’t necessary either. Photography sites like Pixabay, Pexels, and Unsplash are all free for personal or commercial use and the images are amazing. So, before you worry about finding good non-copyright images, head on over to one of those sites and choose whatever suits your needs. In addition to that, if you want to add text to your images and make sure your image sizes are correct, check out and edit your photos for free. Everything you need to get social is available online for free!

Getting social with photos has never been easier…

Use Video to Get Your Audience’s Attention

Video is another medium people can’t seem to do without. We often hear that people are too lazy to read, so they opt for video instead… but is that really the truth? I know for a fact that many times people will sit down to watch a 20 minute video as opposed to reading a 5 minute article. It all comes down to preference. People prefer that visual element to words on a page most of the time… so use that to your advantage.

It’s pretty scary to imagine filming your own videos to put on social media, but the good news is that you don’t have to. With sites like YouTube, Vimeo, and Daily Motion, you can share anything you like. As long as it’s on a social platform and not your website, there aren’t any gray areas to worry about… just post and reap the rewards (traffic).

Hashtags & Links Always

Hashtags are your means of communication on social media sites. It isn’t enough to post text, images and videos… your hashtags (#) must be used to focus on specific audiences on each network. If you are in the travel niche for example, maybe you would insert #travel after your post to attract people interested in travel… and so on. The amount of hashtags to use depends on the social platform you are posting on. For example, if you post on Twitter, you would probably want to leave a maximum of five hashtags, but on Instagram you can leave as many as you like.

Use your website or affiliate links in front of the hashtags to let people know where to go to get more information about your post. This is a way to generate traffic to your offers and increase the possibility of making sales. As an online marketer, getting social is an opportunity to put your message in front of 100’s even 1000’s of people (or more) daily. Learn the rules and start getting social for your business.

You Are In The Value Business – Money Is A Bi-Product

Most struggling marketers focus solely on making money online and they forget about what their audience wants… and it doesn’t work like that. Experts always say that the concern is to add value to the lives of the people in your niche. Not to say you are in the business of changing lives… your responsibility is to offer your audience the things they want and need to fulfill a desire or necessity.

Adding value is something that marketers do, while chasing money is what sales people do. And nobody likes a salesperson. So, if you want to be successful, then your aim should be to add value… And one of the best ways to get your message to your audience is by engaging with them through social media channels using all the tips mentioned here.

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  1. It is amazing the number of persons which are found on social media, this is the place where we should be. We ought to take our business to where the traffic is. We should take advantage of social media to boost our ratings.

    • So true! Social media has become very important in recent years until it’s something digital marketers have to incorporate into their businesses. If not, they’re missing out on loads of free traffic and also leaving a lot of money on the table. Social media is a crucial part of online marketing.

      Thanks for the input Norman,

  2. That’s a really great article Wadud. Your writing style makes the post rather effortless to read, which means maximum info is conveyed quickly. That’s important.

    I’m making sure that all my social media posts (mainly Twitter, @thedkohara) have images attached. It makes engaugement so much more likely.

    Also, your point about not selling, it’s a trap that lots of novice affiliates fall into. It’s worth reiterating that marketers need to be trusted and help people before they’ll earn any income.

    Keep up the good work,


    • Hi Dave,

      Social media has become so important these days until it seems to be a huge competitor for the search engines. With hashtags, our content can be seen by people regardless of how many followers you have or how high we are in a search. It’s a real game changer and should be used by anyone who is new or struggling online, but it has to be a regular practice.

      Also, I want to thank you for the complement. I just write like I speak… It makes everything so much easier and it feels natural. It’s so difficult when we “try” to write.

      Thanks Dave,

  3. Hello Wadud! I am always curious about the hashtags #. I have seen it done a lot but still do not understand the full potential of hashtags. I wonder where do you go to find your hashtag being compiled? Is it under instagrams? Anyone can access to it or is it private as well? Thank you for sharing.

    • Hashtags are interesting. They are used to target specific audiences when you have information you think will benefit them. For example, if you are into the travel niche, you would post content and place the hashtag #travelblogger or something to that extent. What happens is that people actually check those hashtags and find your content… and you can do the same.

      Instagram has it set up where you can follow hashtags to see what the latest posts are and to join the conversation directly within your niche. So, hashtags should always be used with social media otherwise your content won’t be seen too often.

      Thanks Ha,


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