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Affiliate marketing is probably the most misunderstood business modal in the online marketing world. Although it is one of the easiest methods to use to start earning commissions, most people don’t know how to start making money with affiliate marketing. In the next few minutes we will take a dive into the what, why and how of this lucrative business model.

What Is This Thing Called Affiliate Marketing

When you first heard about digital marketing and how people are using the internet to make money online, you probably ran into the term affiliate marketing fairly quickly. There are a bunch of newbies all over the world posting questions in forums like Quora, asking everything you could possibly imagine about what this strategy entails. Let me make it simple for you and hopefully remove all your wonders about what it means to be an affiliate.

First of all, an affiliate marketer is nothing more than a glorified advertiser for someone else’s products. This means that all you are doing is finding vendors online and going into some kind of agreement to send customers to their sites in exchange for a portion of the sale.

This is beneficial for the product vendor and the affiliate because it is free for both of them. The product creator gets free advertisement for their products, which means they are getting free traffic to their websites. The affiliate marketer gets to become a partner for a product that he didn’t spend any money to create and he doesn’t pay to become an affiliate for the product as well.

When profits are made, the vendor takes his cut and the affiliate (partner) takes his commission from the sale. Win… win!

How to Become An Affiliate Marketer

It’s not very difficult to start an affiliate marketing business. As a matter of fact, most online marketers incorporate this strategy within their online business model at some point.

The easiest way to get started is to, first, decide on a niche and then search for products within that niche. After deciding the niche you want to be in, you will then search online to find product vendors that will allow you to advertise their products for a set commission.

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At this point you can become an affiliate for as many products as you want within your niche. Even though your source of marketing will be the internet, you are able to promote physical or digital products. An example of a digital product is an ebook, online course, or training program. The best example for physical products is

If you want to promote products for any sole product creator or network of products (known as affiliate networks), you will be required to sign up and be accepted as an affiliate, sometimes referred to as a partner. Once accepted into the program you will usually be supplied with advertising tools like banners or videos to help your promotion efforts.

Getting Eyeballs on Your Ads

Crafty affiliate marketers learn how to get people to notice their ads. This is the part where you start learning how content comes into play with online marketing. Most, if not all, of the marketing strategies you may have come across are some sort of content marketing.

Bloggers create a ton of written content online to attract viewers to their websites. Nine times out of ten, the blogging is a marketing technique to promote affiliate products somewhere down the line.

Social Media marketers are often times affiliates for some product or service, too. Ordinary people get on social media to interact with others on a social level, but social media marketers are on social media platforms as a means of promoting their online business. By interacting with the masses, some of their followers will check out their promotions and possibly purchase one of their affiliate products.

Email marketers build huge email subscriber lists just to market to those subscribers later on… And I’m sure you probably guessed it. Most of them send affiliate promotions week after week to their subscribers as a way to earn massive commissions on the “backend”.

So, you see… Affiliate marketing can fit in a multitude of online marketing models.

Getting Paid – The Money’s In The Links

Sure you’ve heard the phrase, “The money’s in the list”. Well, the links get you paid!

Whether you realize it or not, all the methods I mentioned in the last section were some form of content marketing. Blogging, social media marketing, and email marketing are all based on content. Sure, the blogger creates the most, but the other strategies rely on some type of textual interaction.

OK… so how do you get paid?

It’s all in the links…

The links that I’m referring to are actually what are known as hyperlinks. These are links that are coded so that when you click on them, they direct you to another page or website. For the affiliate marketer, these links are the bread and butter of their business.

When bloggers write articles, they tend to put links in the article that lead to products. These products can be physical or digital as we discussed before. Once someone clicks on the link, they are now a potential customer for that affiliate blogger. The rest of the process comes down to numbers and a lot of other stuff for another article.

Social media and email use a similar process that eventually leads to the same outcome… a link.

The key is to get as many people to click on your links to improve your chances of getting the sale.

Planning for Success – Embracing The Process

The whole idea of making money online is kind of like learning a language. If you get the core principles down, you will learn the language as long as you are persistent.

Affiliate marketing is no different. So, many people constantly wonder how they can earn money as an affiliate and the answer is always the same. Find a niche you are comfortable with and promote products within the niche.

The “how” has to be learned, but it really isn’t that difficult.

  • Follow a proven marketing model (blogging, social media…)
  • Interact with people who have an interest in your niche
  • Use affiliate links to send people to products
  • TAKE ACTION! (should actually be the first point)

Believe it or not… The information on this page is a clear methodology for getting started as an affiliate. So, take action because learning has no benefit unless you take action.

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