How To Make Money From Affiliate Marketing For Beginners



Are you new to online marketing?

Have you heard of this thing called Affiliate Marketing and want to know what it’s all about?

Do you want to learn how to become an Affiliate Marketer to earn extra cash?

Well if so, you’ve come to the right place.

Many people want to take this journey to become an online business owner… to make millions like all the other digital marketers on the internet.

There are a lot of ways to make money online and obviously you can make a lot of money, too. The key is to get started.

Affiliate marketing is not a new form of online marketing. In fact… it isn’t a new form of marketing at all.

Affiliate marketing might just be the most popular and misunderstood kind of online marketing used today.

If you do enough research, you’ll find questions like:

  • Is affiliate marketing real
  • Is it legit
  • Is it a scam
  • Is it ethical
  • how much money can you make
  • can people be full time affiliates

Just to keep it simple… Affiliate marketing is a legitimate business model and if you do it correctly you can become a Wealthy Affiliate in the process.

Find Products On Affiliate Marketplaces

Becoming an affiliate marketer means that you want to promote products for other companies or websites in exchange for a portion of the profits.

So, as an affiliate the first thing you have to do is find products to promote.

The good thing is that the internet is full of other people’s products… and most of them want affiliates to advertise for them.

As a product vendor, affiliate marketers help in a variety of different ways. They help to 10x the advertising… and also, they free up the vendors’ time so they can work on other aspects of their businesses.

Finding products, as an affiliate, is pretty simple. There are a lot of websites that have huge listings of products and vendors to help you get started. These platforms are sometimes referred to as Affiliate Marketplaces.

Most of these sites are membership sites, so you have to sign up to get access to the listings of vendors and products that are available.

ClickBank is a well known site that new affiliate marketers love to use to get started. The benefit of using Clickbank is that most of the vendors will automatically accept new affiliates into their programs, so you don’t have to be approved to get started.

Another good site to check out is Shareasale. This site is another place to find listings of products and vendors, but you will have to message the vendors to get accepted into their programs.

The key is to make sure you have a website already set up and you should have an idea of how you are going to promote your products.

ClickBank and Shareasale are two examples of how to get started as an affiliate with huge lists of products available to you.

Find Products On Websites In Your Niche

Being an online marketer means that you have to sell to a specific niche. Although you are selling and promoting products… nine times out of ten, you are also a consumer of that niche yourself.

In this way, it is easy to find websites with products you can promote within your niche. Think about it… these sites aren’t competition for your business… they are actually extra places you can go to find affiliate products.

Most websites that sell products usually have an “affiliate program” or a “partner program”. Both these terms mean that you can sign up with these websites to become an affiliate to promote products on those sites.

Most of the time, the affiliate or partner program information is located in the footer of the website (at the bottom of the site). When you click on the link, it takes you to the affiliate sign up page.

… and it’s that simple. All you have to do is send the info and wait.

Sometimes vendors will deny your application, but don’t let that bother you… just sign up to a few others, so you are sure to have products to promote.

Setting Up A Content Hub As An Affiliate

One of the most popular ways to get started promoting affiliate products is to set up a website that is full of content about products in your niche.

These content sites are usually blogs or vlogs. Blogs are sites that use mostly written text while vlogs use mostly video.

Blogs and Vlogs are so popular because they use a technique that drives “organic traffic” to your sites over time. In case you are wondering what organic traffic is… it means FREE traffic.

Where most people fail with blogs and vlogs is that they run out of patience before the revenue starts to come in.

Generating organic traffic takes time… and it could take months to get the consistent traffic you need to make consistent sales. But if you learn how to set up an affiliate blog the right way… you will be on the right track from the beginning.

Using Opt-Ins & Paid Traffic

One way to supplement your income as an affiliate and get fast sales is to use opt-ins and paid traffic.

This means that you will set up a landing page that requires viewers to give their name and email address to get some kind of valuable information from you.

When the email is entered, the viewer is directed to another page on your promotion that has the affiliate offer. There are different ways to set this up, but that’s the meat of it.

This method works well for doing two things… building an email subscribers list and getting affiliate commissions.

The problem is that most of the time you will get more subscribers than purchases… and that’s OK if you plan on following up with email messages to further your promotions.

The negative side of this method for beginners is that it can take a lot of money testing and getting it right to get the type of commissions needed to cover ad costs.

I will not tell you to never use paid methods… that would be ludicrous! I just want to warn you that there is an expense… and that expense is usually more difficult on newbies as they are learning the system.

Use the organic traffic methods to get started and implement paid methods once you get used to how online marketing works.

Using Social Media to Boost Engagement

Social media is a necessary part of all online marketing in our time. There are many sources of social media, but I will talk about one source that can get you loads of traffic.

Because social media is also a source of FREE traffic, it does take time to build up… similar to blogs and vlogs, but once the traffic starts… you could see loads of traffic coming to your websites regularly.

The social media platform you really should be paying attention to is Pinterest. I am not downplaying Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, but Pinterest has a lot more potential.

Although Pinterest is know as a social media platform, it functions similar to Google in the way searches are made and categorized. Therefore, the traffic generation potential on Pinterest is massive.

You should also use a tool like Tailwind, the tool I use to assist with my Pinterest engagement. Tailwind is the most popular tool to help schedule all your tasks on Pinterest… helping you to get high placement on searches and get traffic to your sites.

Use Pinterest to generate more traffic and sales to your affiliate products.

How to Become A Full-Time Affiliate Marketer

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