How to Improve Your Blog Ranking Using Social Media



Social media is an integral part of blogging. Although a strong focus on producing great content is the most important aspect of running a successful blog, one should not neglect social media promotion. Search engines such as Google and Yahoo have been relatively quiet about the way that social media impacts your SEO, in other words, your ability to rank higher in search results.

However, there is no doubt that all successful blogs make effective use of social media. Furthermore, being active on social media may help you rate higher in search result by increasing the visibility of your blog. In this article, we have outlined easy and effective social media strategies that you should implement to improve your blog ranking.

Be active on Instagram

Instagram is growing every day, and is used on a daily basis more than Facebook by a considerable segment of the population. If someone likes your blog and they are an avid Instagram user, they are much more likely to follow your Instagram account than your Facebook page. In order to successfully promote your blog on Instagram, you will need great content and a regular posting schedule.

This means posting photos that are great quality, tell a story, and invite the reader to discover more on your blog. With Instagram’s algorithm changing regularly, it can be difficult to make sure that your posts will be noticed by your followers. This is why we recommend posting at least once a day, which will ensure as many people as possible are exposed to your brand.

As your following grows organically, your Instagram account can rank higher in search engines. If it is linked directly to your blog, it is likely to have a positive impact on your blog ranking too, by creating additional links.

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Use Instagram Stories

The best way to engage with your audience through Instagram is to make full use of Instagram stories. Again, we recommend focusing on the quality of your content. Post carefully curated stories that tell interesting stories or anecdotes or share well-chosen posts related to your niche.

Posting on your stories regularly will make the name of your brand and blog stick in the head of your followers which increases traffic to your blog. You can also use Instagram stories to improve the content of your blog. Simply use the popular ‘ask me’ feature of Instagram stories and let your audience know you’re looking for ways to improve your blog. They may suggest types of posts that they like to see, a topic that they are interested in, or a modification you can make to the aesthetic of your blog.

All these suggestions will be invaluable as they allow you to curate your content based on the desires of your audience. This leads to more popular, better quality posts, which is a key way to rank higher on search engines.

Create a Facebook Page

By far the easiest way to engage your audience is to create a Facebook page. We call it an easy marketing strategy because it does not require creating more content, like Instagram does. Instead, simply use your page to share the posts that you write, answer questions, and interact with your audience.

A great blog Facebook page not only keeps your audience informed of the new content that you post on your blog, it also suggests new, interesting reads for them. You can use Facebook to share well-written, inspirational or thought-provoking articles on your page. This has a dual purpose.

On the one hand, it engages your audience and makes them more loyal by demonstrating your ability to provide content to them that they thoroughly enjoy. On the other hand, it creates links to your Facebook page through backlinks. The people whose blog posts you share are more likely to share yours too, which can help you grow your ranking tremendously by increasing links to your blog.

Create a Facebook Group

Once you have created a thriving community with your blog audience, we recommend that you create a Facebook group. Only your most loyal fans will join a Facebook group devoted to your blog, and it may only be a few people. This is not a problem.

You can use this Facebook group as a focus group, allowing you to exchange more closely with the people who have been following you since day one. Much like interacting with an audience through Instagram stories, it allows you to determine which content will be the most popular on your blog and improve its quality. And of course, blog quality is the main way to rank higher.

So why not simply use Instagram stories instead since those strategies serve the same purpose? Simply to reach a higher audience. Many Facebook users do not use Instagram and vice versa. By being on as many social media sites as possible, you cover all your bases and ensure your blog is promoted as best as it possibly can.

Share your Blog Posts on Twitter

Use Twitter in largely the same way you would use a Facebook page. Share your new blog posts on there, and you may also occasionally other people’s posts and articles as a good way to please your audience and potentially get some additional links. In the same way as a Facebook page or Instagram account, your Twitter profile will be indexed by search engines which can help improve the ranking of your blog.

Promote your Articles on Pinterest

Pinterest is one of the best ways to promote your blog and improve its ranking. After you’ve created a Pinterest account, you’ll be able to post links to your blog and share them on groups that specialize in your niche. This allows you to reach exactly the audience that may be interested in reading your blog. Further, Pinterest works differently from Facebook and Instagram in that you can easily post multiple times a day or even multiple times an hour without scaring your audience off.

In order to make successful use of Pinterest, we recommend that you pay particular attention to the aesthetic of the posts you are sharing. Pinterest is a very visual medium, and pins that are shared using a high quality picture or a well-done infographic are much more likely to be shared and repinned by others. This increases not only traffic to your blog, but also its ranking, when your Pinterest page is indexed by search engines.

SEO is not an exact science and there are many different factors to take into consideration when trying to improve your blog ranking. By being present and active on many social media sites, you are ensuring a strong presence throughout the web. This will not only make your blog more popular, but also increase your ranking dramatically.

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