How To Get More Readers To Your Blog Even If Your Content Sucks



Imagine creating blog post after blog post hoping to get more visitors to your site… and nothing happens. Time after time you’re giving it all you’ve got, but you just seem to get a small trickle of traffic each time.

Even worse, after checking competitor sites, you find out that their traffic is through the roof.¬†After reading a few of their posts, you find that their content is OK… even mediocre at best. So, why are people reading their stuff and not yours?

In the next few minutes, you will learn the number one reason why people read certain articles over others and how you can get more readers to your blog even if your content is mediocre.

How To Write A Blog Post

Writing a blog post is pretty simple. It’s really no different than writing an essay… You start with a headline, add a number of body paragraphs (as many as you like), and close it off with a conclusion of some sort.

There are some differences to a blog post and your basic essay. Both content types are centered around the content introduced in the introduction, but there are some changes we use to make the blog post more interactive for the reader.

Each time we introduce a new idea in a blog article, we usually start with a new headline for that section. This helps for search engines like Google and Bing to index the articles so they come up in search results when people search for specific information online.

Another difference with blogs is that bloggers tend to animate their blog posts with images and videos. This give more of a newspaper or magazine effect to keep readers engaged by using related imagery instead of just a bunch of words on a page. And video is the new thing that really grabs viewers’ attention, so why not add that too?

Most bloggers understand how a blog post should be created, but just putting together an article with all of these aspects in place will not get your blog noticed… at least not very quickly.

The Big Secret To Get More Eyeballs On Your Blog Posts

Before I give up the BIG secret… I want you to think about something. There are small websites made up of one to three pages and some of them manage to get a lot of traffic. So, how do they do it without hundreds of articles on their sites to generate high numbers of traffic over time?

Are you ready for the answer?… The number one reason to get more people interested in reading your articles is your Headline!

The deciding factor for a person to decide if an article is worth the read is whether or not the headline grabs their attention. How many times have you searched on Google, found results and skipped over the first article because the second or third on seemed more interesting? That’s what does it!

When we read newspapers or magazines, we usually do the same thing. I can’t remember the last time I read every article in a newspaper. I do the same as you… skip over the boring looking headlines and skim the articles that seem interesting.

How to Create Killer Headlines for Your Blog

Creating curiosity through headlines is a skill most widely known by copywriters. Producing attractive content that makes website viewers want to buy specific products is what seasoned copywriters specialize in… and they charge thousands to create this copy for online marketers.

The question here is… how can YOU do it?

Here are a few techniques to learn the kinds of headlines you should create:

  • Visit top competitors in your niche so you can see the types of headlines they are using
  • Read newspapers and magazines to learn what works nationally and internationally for mainstream media
  • Think about how to connect with your audience emotionally so your readers feel like they need to read your content
  • Make a swipe file of the best headlines you find so you can have great titles to alter for your niche
  • Learn how to make your headlines specific so you only target your ideal customer/reader

This is the methodology of creating great headlines if you don’t know how… but ultimately you will need to learn the correct techniques, so you can become an expert at creating headlines and an expert in your niche.

The Best Strategy to Produce Killer Copy All The Time

As an online marketer, you are constantly tasked with keeping up to date with the latest trends and techniques to improve your business. And whether you know it now or not, your content (copywriting) is the most important part of your online business.

If you have the time and money, it’s worth sitting down with a professional copywriter to learn the tricks of the trade. I know this is usually extremely expensive… and that’s why I said “if you have the time and money“.

The best technique to fix your copywriting problem so you can start to generate more traffic to your website is to use a tool called FunnelScripts. This is a cloud based software that will create virtually any kind of copywriting you need… including headlines.

Funnel Scripts is the software you should use whenever you want to produce killer headlines, sales copy (complete long and short form), emails and a host of other content. As a software, Funnel Scripts can take care of all your copywriting needs, but the bonuses you get with this software are even more attractive for bloggers and other digital marketers.

Funnel Scripts was created by a professional copywriter named Jim Edwards and the best bonus inside this software is a full copywriting course you get by Jim for FREE!

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There are a lot of reasons your blog posts could suck, but that isn’t why people aren’t clicking on your articles. If you want to get more people to click on your posts, you need to start creating killer headlines that make people stop, and click. Use the tips in this article and if you want to put your copywriting skills into overdrive, read my Funnel Scripts review to learn how to generate quality headlines so you can get better results for your efforts.

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