How To Become An Entrepreneur In The Digital Age



Many often wonder why people don’t typically make distinct changes in their lives until they find themselves in the worst possible situations. The answer is that responsibility breeds progression and when all the doorways close on us, we have to survive by opening new ones ourselves.

… And if you think about it for a moment, it actually makes a lot of sense.

The realization of responsibilities is greatest when we cannot take care of them. Our spouses, children, other loved ones all depend on us in one way or another. As markets go up and down and employment stability becomes less and less reliable, the thought of becoming an entrepreneur seems to be the best alternative. And let’s not forget that we are in the digital age, which makes it that much easier… maybe.

The Ease of Using Technology to Change Your Life

Technology is a medium that can be used for almost anything. Schools, jobs, universities, transport and governments are all using some for of technology to make their operations more efficient and they should. But what about me and you?

Chatting with friends and family on Facebook, sending out tweets on Twitter, and posting pics on Instagram are normal ways to pass the time in this day, but how can you use this tech to change your life?

The same devices we use for leisure are the same tools online entrepreneurs use everyday to make millions online. This is not a promise of the wealth you will make… It is a true statement that can be proven by doing a little bit of net surfing. Just go to, the world’s top online marketplace which is responsible for producing billions per year online. Another competitor in the eCommerce space is which also generates a small fortune in profits (or large fortune depending how you look at it).

The two examples above are behemoths in the online marketing space, but nonetheless they are examples that show the possibilities. As an individual, you do not need anywhere near the success of these two entities and yet you can still change your life by producing a small fraction of what they have by using the technology in your hands.

Creating A Laptop Lifestyle

PC’s, laptops and mobile phones are a standard for most people over the age of 16. If you stand in line at the airport, you will see hundreds of laptops and cell phones dumped into those ugly grey containers before being allowed to board. Since all this technology is in your hand or in your backpack wherever you go, why not explore other uses for them other than surfing and socializing.

Focusing on the capabilities of the laptop, you can easily turn this into your online store. For instance, following the model of Amazon, you can set up a small online store that promotes Amazon products to earn small commissions for each sale you are responsible for. In the same manner, you could set up your own store and become a dropshipper for warehouses that will fulfill your orders allowing you to set up your own brand – all done from your laptop.

Become an online marketer by creating your own digital information products. The internet is a massive source of information, yet with all the gateways we are privy to, it still makes sense to purchase the information that is most important to us. As an online product creator, you can create courses to answer questions people are searching for like:

  • How to lose weight
  • How to gain muscle
  • How to make money online
  • How to get a job
  • How to build a wooden shed
  • How to train a pet

The sky is the limit as to what people want to learn from online courses, and you have the ability to create these courses using your laptop.

Another business model is what is known as affiliate marketing. This is a simple, yet powerful online business model in the online marketing space. As an affiliate marketer, you are responsible for advertising other people’s products as an “Affiliate” in return for a commission of the products you sell.

The reason this model is so powerful is because product vendors are extremely eager for affiliate marketers to drive traffic to their offers which costs them nothing except the commission after the sale. If you understand how difficult it can be to send traffic to your websites, you will understand why it’s so easy for affiliates to find products to promote.

Getting Social with Your Tech

When life is good, social media is used as a leisure activity to “connect” with friends and family, but for the online entrepreneur… not so much. Online marketers see social media as an opportunity to spread a specific message to promote their businesses, driving traffic back to their web pages and offers.

A picture used to be worth a thousand words. Nowadays uploading a pic to Instagram and Pinterest could lead to a thousand clicks resulting in hundreds, even thousands of dollars in revenue. Although the results differ from person to person, it is advertisement, popularity, and branding for your business.

While the average Joe considers the usage of social platforms as a means of “getting social”, internet marketers call this “social media marketing”. This too is a powerful strategy that can turn your seemingly regular technological devices into virtual cash machines.

How To Get Started As An Online Entrepreneur

By no means am I painting a picture of how easy it is to start an online business. The goal here is to open your mind to the possibilities available to you by using common gadgets that you are using daily.

The time span it will take you to reach your set goals are based on your knowledge, implementation, and how open you are to accepting new Ideas. We live in the information age and the info is definitely available for anyone who wants it.

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