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Recently, I did a 30-day online Affiliate Marketing Bootcamp with ClickFunnels. It actually started out as a bootcamp and ended up being a funnel building training called the One Funnel Away Challenge (OFA). The experience was excellent and gave an inside look at what the ClickFunnels software is really capable of.

During the challenge, I learned of another software produced by Jim Edwards in conjunction with ClickFunnels called Funnel Scripts. Jim Edwards is a professional copywriter and programmer, so he put these two skills together to create a system capable of creating many different kinds of copywriting material. I signed up for the webinar, sat through it, and was blown away when I saw everything this software could do.

How Funnel Scripts Can Help Your Business

Funnel Scripts ReviewFunnel Scripts is a copywriting software you can use for so many types of copy. For example, if you are a blogger and need a quick headline, there is a content headline script you can use. This helps tremendously on those days when your brain just can’t form a good title even with excellent keywords. In addition, it gives you so many different options to choose from so your titles do not start looking the same.

A major aspect of the One Funnel Away Challenge was to learn how to create a product from scratch and connect it to a product funnel. Of course, when you start creating your own products, there is an immediate need to write a lot of copy for the product.

One of the most difficult types of copy for marketers to produce is sales copy. Quality sales letters are extremely difficult to produce when you don’t understand the science behind creating them. Looking at Funnel Scripts in action and watching, first hand, how the software was able to generate these scripts so easily made me realize that this was something I needed for my online business.

The cost was the only hurdle to get over, but realizing that paying for it once and being able to use it as a lifetime user thereafter made the decision really easy for me. I am a believer that entrepreneurs have to spend money on their businesses to get results and that’s the step I had to take. I challenge you to watch the webinar and compare the price for Funnel Scripts to what freelancers charge per hour on sites like or, then you will start to realize the value and importance of Funnel Scripts as a copywriting alternative.

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Positives of Using Funnel Scripts

Imagine having virtually every type of copywriting script needed at your fingertips… That is essentially what Funnel Scripts provides for its users. Each script has a quick video explanation of the purpose of the script and how to create it. The process is as simple as answering a set amount of questions for each script and the software generates your copy based on your answers.

In addition to having video tutorials for each script, there is also example content you can use to populate each field to give you an idea of the kinds of words and phrases to answer with to get the most grammatically correct results.

All of this saves so much time on content creation until you can’t help but to start enjoying some extra time with friends and family.

Here are some of the scripts you can produce inside Funnel Scripts:

  • Facebook Newsfeed Ad Scripts
  • PPC Ad Scripts
  • Testimonial Scripts
  • About Me Scripts
  • Free Report Scripts
  • Seinfeld Email Scripts
  • Amazon/Ecom Scripts
  • Call to Action Scripts
  • Lead Capture Scripts
  • Order Bump Scripts
  • One Time Offer Scripts
  • Webinar Opt-In Scripts
  • Email Series Scripts
  • Long & Short Form Sales Copy
  • Video Sales Letters (VSL’s)
  • … And a lot more

Those are literally just a few of the scripts this software can produce and Jim is constantly adding new scripts as the needs arise.

The biggest positive about Funnel Scripts is that once you purchase the lifetime subscription, it’s yours for as long as the software exists online.

More pros about Funnel Scripts:

  • A cloud based software so all your copy is saved in one place
  • It’s easy to use so even a newbie can use it
  • Comes with clear instructions so you can get started today
  • All scripts can be downloaded once created so you can put them on your pages fast
  • Has more scripts than you will ever need so you can become an expert in your niche
  • Has live monthly training by Jim Edwards so you can learn real copywriting strategies
  • Removes the Need to pay an actual copywriter so you can save a lot of money

The fact that Funnel Scripts does all this fantastic stuff means that you can save tons of time and money on all your future products. You can complete your copywriting in one day instead of three weeks, so you can spend more time with your loved ones. By benefiting from saving money, you can spend more on things that your business needs, like advertising to bring in even more sales, so you can start enjoying the real fruits of being an online entrepreneur.

As far as software goes, this is an extremely beneficial product for all types of online marketing models, from bloggers to eCommerce marketers. Whatever niche you are in, Funnel Scripts will help you to gain expert status, so you can be seen as an authority in your niche.

Negatives about Funnel Scripts

The biggest negative most people will find with Funnel Scripts is the initial price.

The lifetime membership for Funnel Scripts is a one-time payment of $797. If you know that you need it for your business (that’s rhetorical), then it’s worth it for the long-term, but it does come at an expense. After watching the webinar and seeing the massive benefits inside the software, I decided to make the purchase and now it’s mine:).

In my opinion the price for this product is well worth it for what you are getting. If you are already, or are planning on becoming a full-time online entrepreneur, you will need great copywriting. A one-time payment as opposed to paying thousands of dollars each time you need well written copy will be a huge financial gain in the future.

Another point to remember is that no software is perfect. As content creators, our job is to edit every piece of content we produce or is produced for us… and Funnel Scripts is no different. Jim has done his best to make sure the content that is produced is professional quality and professional standard, but it’s up to you to proofread all produced content to make sure it reads correctly.

These are the only two negatives I am able to come up with at the moment. If, in the future, I come across any other issues, I will update this post based on those findings.

How Funnel Scripts Improved My Business

While going through the One Funnel Away Challenge, I reached a point in my product where I needed to create a sales page. Since I had already purchased Funnel Scripts, I just completed the necessary tasks and had two professional sales scripts I could use for the product. As a result of that, my product was ready to go in a very short period of time and without any outsourcing.

I still use Funnel Scripts in my online business for anything related to professional copywriting. Even if you have the ability to create your own copy, Funnel Scripts is a great tool to use to produce a quick rough draft that you can edit as you like. This has become a true asset for my online marketing efforts.

Why Funnel Scripts Is Great for You

Online marketers use technology in their businesses as much as possible. Having a virtual business usually means you don’t have a huge staff to assist you… most of the time there is one person running the show.

Having the right tools for the job cuts down on spending excesses of time and money. Sure, Funnel Scripts and other software come at an initial cost, but it is strategic to purchase one time to use as many times as you need.

Copywriting is a necessity in content marketing. There are two ways to go about it… purchase or pay. Getting Funnel Scripts now, will remove the need to pay expensive copywriting fees over and over in the future. And by doing so, you are one step closer to building your freedom generating online business.

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    • Hi Norman,

      Funnel Scripts is not actually a funnel creator. I agree that funnels are very important in online marketing, but Funnel Scripts helps online marketers to create professional quality copywriting content for headlines, sales pages, emails, video sales letters, webinars and much more. Check out the webinar to learn the importance of copywriting and see how Funnel Scripts works.

      This is the go to software for anyone who wants to improve their copy to increase traffic and sales online.



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