7 Reasons Why Blogging Improves Online Marketing Success



Becoming a blogger is usually not the first option most people flock to when considering an online marketing career. This is something you figure work from home moms are good at because they have so much free time. However, blogging can do many things for your business, even if you think your marketing can do without it. This article will discuss 7 reasons why blogging strengthens you as an internet marketer and why it improves your chances for online marketing success.

Blogging Is Difficult – It Takes Patience & Effort to Be A Blogger

Bloggers BlockLet’s not sugar coat the reason why most people run for the hills when the idea of blogging is suggested… It’s really difficult. I’m not trying to scare you, on the contrary, but it takes a lot of effort to write 1000+ word articles day in and day out about the same topic, trying to remain creative every single day. However, learning how to do the things you consider as being difficult is one of the ways to catapult your online success.

How many times have you heard online marketers admit to the fact that they hate writing? And how many terrible products have you seen or purchased, claiming to produce excellent blog content without ever having to write a single word? These two points show the “perceived” difficulty of blogging while clarifying that it is an important part of internet marketing.

Content will always be king in the online world, whatever the medium, but I doubt that the written word will ever be removed from the equation.

Consistency In Online Marketing

One of the major factors in online success is simply being consistent in whatever you are doing. Blogging, if done properly, forces online marketers to remain consistent by producing blog posts regularly. Learning to plan out tasks that should be done daily is important to becoming successful in the long term.

Forget about the whole idea of getting rich quick. That’s not to say that it doesn’t happen… but really this is a lottery winner mentality for digital marketing. The tried and true method most marketers stick to is to produce, produce… and then produce more. This means that to become successful in an online business there has to be a level of consistency in your efforts. By adding blogging to your program, you will force yourself to learn the skill of consistently producing content for your business.

Learn The Best Research Strategies

A lot of research goes into building a presence on the internet. There are literally millions of websites out there and if you want to make an impact you will need to learn adequate research methods to get noticed. Running a blog requires researching topics to help boost engagement for your products and offers and it is a skill that has to be learned.

Want to Learn How to Become An Expert Blogger

Keyword research is one of the first things new bloggers learn about. This is the art of uncovering and using specific words that people use to search for information in your niche. The goal is to use those search terms on your site in strategic ways to direct traffic back to your sites via the search engines. It is a frustrating skill to learn at first because our minds tend to focus on general issues, but successful keywords are more specific.

Being consistent with keyword research and learning how this science works is a sure-fire method to bring loads of eyeballs to your offers.

Blogging Forces Social Engagement

Social media marketing is a business on it’s own, but most successful bloggers incorporate this in their business scheme in many ways. Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram all are littered with bloggers posting content and engaging on their platforms. This shows how lucrative social media is for bloggers.

We live in a time when “getting social” is expected for any online entity. For many prospective customers, it’s a litmus test of how good your product or service is. Learning to get social will help you with popularizing your online brand and helps to build future business relationships as well. Adding a blog to your business forces you to learn social engagement, which will most likely pay off in the form of profit later on.

Build Organic Traffic – The Real Meaning Of FREE Traffic

Using proper keyword research techniques, blogging consistently, and engaging socially all benefit your blog by producing the most important aspect of your online business – TRAFFIC!

Agreed… the marketing on and off your site(s) should be appealing, and your products must add value to the customers in your niche. But you will never make a sale if no one ever sees your products in the first place. Therefore, traffic is a necessity for all online marketers.

The kind of traffic that blogs produce is referred to as organic traffic, which basically means it is free. This traffic generation method takes time to build up, but once it gets going a lot of visitors will be directed to your offers and pages regularly. And the best thing about organic traffic is that you can’t turn it off… it just keeps going.

As long as your uniquely crafted content is online, search engines like Google and Bing will continue to send people to your pages through search query results. People will continue to pin your posts on Pinterest… and the cycle continues over and over again.

So, blogging can be a huge traffic generation machine for online companies as well.

Learn Content Creation – The King Has Arrived

There is no doubt about it that content is king in the information technology world. Whether it’s the written word or video… it’s the content people are searching for. The fact is that most content starts off as a piece of text. Sales pages, blog posts, news articles, emails, tweets… are all text used to get the attention of prospects within a variety of online niches.

Learning how to create content as a blogger will help you out with many other tasks in your business. Have you noticed how emails have changed in the last couple of years? They used to be these short little excerpts with a link… now they are 700-word articles that engage you and then promote an offer somewhere around the 400-word mark.

Creating engaging content will prove to be a lucrative skill as your business grows. It may be difficult to stick with in the beginning, but it will prove to be well worth the effort in the future.

Become The Expert

online marketing expertBecoming an expert is a huge topic in the online marketing space. Ever noticed how new expert marketers just kind of pop up out of nowhere? It’s not because you didn’t know who they were… It usually happens after they have put so much work engaging in there content creation until it becomes impossible not to notice them.

The buzz for expert marketers is something that happens in the same way organic traffic builds up. One day it’s just a small trickle and just a little bit later the flood gates open up, and everyone wants whatever they have to offer. It’s the content and the social proof working together to make this result, and rightfully so.

Want to Learn How to Become An Expert Blogger

The best part of becoming the expert is the trust factor. People will trust your input more, which results in an increase in sales. All from this powerful blogging, marketing model…

Take Action to “Get Your Piece of The Pie”

Getting a piece of the online marketing pie takes time. There are many steps to take to reach the success you may be searching for, but if it’s what you want then it’s worth the effort. Blogging is one online marketing strategy which offers many benefits for the online marketer and their online business.

Blogging necessitates a serious work ethic, but it can be extremely rewarding when implemented correctly. The seven points mentioned above are all things that have to be done in your online business anyway, so why not add a blog to the mix to streamline your efforts.

And maybe, just maybe… you’ll become an expert in your niche.

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  1. Well written article on the realities of blogging. Content certainly is king and you do have to be persistent in your efforts and patient while establishing yourself as an authority and building your audience. Thanks so much for these valuable insights. All the Best.

    • Yes Joseph,

      Content comes in many different forms… articles, videos, emails, and this is the medium all online marketers are using. But learning how to create content the right way and remaining consistent are the most important aspects of becoming successful.

      It’s a lot easier to just give up than to be patient and keep working on your goals. No salary at the end of the week to keep you motivated. It’s just you. And you get out of it what you put into it.

      Thanks for the response…

  2. An awesome post on blogging, a lot of work is involved but the good part is that if we stick with it the rewards are huge. Your post is informative and will help those that are just getting into this type of business to know what it is all about. Thanks again for sharing.

    • Hi Norman,

      I agree that it is hard work. Blogging can seem difficult and unrewarding at first, but learning how to blog correctly and remaining consistent with it has proven to be lucrative for many successful bloggers. This is my motivational input for anyone who is new and wondering if it is the right thing for them.

      Thanks Norman,


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