16 Successful Affiliate Marketing Secrets Revealed – How To Get More Link Clicks

16 Successful Affiliate Marketing Secrets Revealed


Affiliate marketing is responsible for billions of dollars in revenue every year. In the US alone, affiliate marketing spending increases each year by 10.1% and it’s expected to reach $6.8 billion by 2020 (99 Firms).

If you want to get a piece of the Affiliate marketing revenue stream… learn how to do it the right way.

In this article, we are going to learn 15 powerful strategies to improve your affiliate marketing and hopefully get more sales.

1.   Choose A Niche Wisely

Choosing a niche is the first thing all digital marketers have to decide on when becoming online marketers.

The niche you choose should be something that is profitable and something you are interested in.

Being passionate about your niche is a big advantage, but just being interested enough to be consistent is enough.

Most profitable niches in the online marketing world have something to do with health, wealth or relationships.

These three general topics have hundreds of subtopics that can be used as a niche for your business… so choose your first niche wisely.

2.   Research Your Target Audience

Knowing the people you will be marketing to is extremely important for your overall marketing plan.

You want to know things like:

  • How old are they
  • What countries they live in
  • What gender are they
  • Monthly or yearly income
  • Are they buyers
  • What kinds of products do they want

Researching your target audience will let you know early on if you are in the best niche possible for your online marketing.

It can also give you insight into the best strategies and techniques to market to your niche.

Knowing who and where your audience is will help you out a lot later on as an affiliate marketer. This will save you time and money in the long term.

3.   Plan An Effective Affiliate Marketing Strategy

How you grab the attention of the people in your niche is a huge part of all marketing… online and off.

Affiliate marketers have to know the best tactics to attract and market products to their target audience.

There are many surface techniques… but all of these strategies use a system you, as an affiliate marketer, will have to learn if you want to run a profitable online business.

The best marketing strategies are set up as funnels in order to guide prospects step-by-step down a purchase process.

4.   Produce Content Regularly

The best way to attract customers for months and years to come is to create a content creation strategy.

Blogging is a great example of a solid content creation strategy that can send consistent traffic to your affiliate products day in and day out.

Blogging is a system that requires writing articles about a specific niche regularly and alerting a segment of your niche that this information will be available on a regular basis.

This is great way to connect with new and loyal followers of your niche by producing valuable content that brings them back to your website regularly.

Of course, you will have affiliate links scattered throughout the blog systematically, so you can make consistent sales throughout this process.

5.   Create Killer Headlines

Creating content of some sort is a necessary part of digital marketing. We are in the information age… and information requires content.

Getting readers to take that first step, which is opening your content, means you have to give them a reason to do so.

That’s right… that reason is a killer headline!

Great headlines usually do one thing very well… arouse the curiosity of the reader.

Think about the amount of emails you get to your personal inbox everyday. If you’re anything like me… you probably get quite a few.

How do we decide which emails to open while our time is limited?

We look at the headlines… Hmm, “That looks interesting. I think I’ll open it”, is usually the conversation going on in our minds.

So, creating headlines that attract readers making them just curious enough to want to know more is our job as online marketers.

6.   Choose Affiliate Products Related to Your Niche

Affiliate marketing is not all about placing links in random places in hopes that passers-by will click and buy.

There is a lot more that goes into it. In fact, it is a business model all on its own, which means that there are many techniques connected to this type of marketing.

Choosing the best affiliate products to promote in your niche is part of creating a good marketing strategy.

This doesn’t mean that you go around searching for “The Best Products” in your niche. This means that you have to do some research to learn about, and find related products for your audience.

Be sure that the products you promote are connected to your niche in some way, otherwise you are wasting your time and losing customers in the process.

7.   Choose Affiliate Products You Trust

When deciding on products to promote, it’s a good idea to promote products you trust.

The easiest way to promote products you trust, is to select products that you have already purchased.

One great way to advertise affiliate products is to create product reviews. The best product reviews are, of course, about products you use yourself.

The second way to choose affiliate products is to use vendors that you trust. It’s unrealistic to purchase everything you promote, but if you know certain vendors produce quality products, that’s a good way to select products.

Some marketers will say that they only promote products they buy… while this is admirable, it limits your ability to find more quality products for your audience.

Market products that you trust and you should have many products to work with.

8.   Display Affiliate Disclaimers Clearly

As an affiliate marketer, you have to tell people that you are an affiliate marketer.

Whenever affiliate marketers produce content linking back to an affiliate product, by law, they have to tell consumers they will profit from their purchase.

This alerts the view that the marketer does benefit from any purchases made from those links.

Although, some people feel this is a bad thing, it is only negative for people who are practicing unethical sales tactics.

Most of the time people appreciate the honesty and it doesn’t deter them from purchasing at all.

Be sure to place your Affiliate Disclaimer in a noticeable place on your web page. If you are doing a video, mention it in the video or add clear text mentioning this to the viewer.

9.   Make Sure Affiliate Links Are Highlighted & Visible

It is important for readers to your blogs, landing pages, or websites to be able to see your affiliate links.

The worst thing an affiliate marketer can do is spend time crafty amazing content that sparks the readers emotion and then they can’t find the purchase link.

Affiliate links should be noticeable. Check your content after creating it and make sure the links are highlighted and visible.

Change link colors if they aren’t easy to see. Also, bold and underline them to get the reader’s attention.

Don’t be afraid to do more to get your links noticed. After all, as an affiliate marketer this is how you make your money.

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10. Find Good Affiliate Networks

When searching for affiliate products to promote, one of the best ways is to use Affiliate Networks.

These networks have lists of products and companies ready to sign up new affiliates to promote their products.

Affiliate networks require affiliates to sign up as members and then they can apply to different companies within the network.

A few well known affiliate networks are:

Try not to become overwhelmed when dealing with affiliate networks. Getting started as an affiliate marketer you will only need a few products to promote.

There is no benefit trying to promote hundreds of products without having a solid system in place an a lot of traffic to your site.

Start with one network, choose a few related products, and get started promoting.

11.   Use Social Media for Organic Traffic

Social medial platforms are a means of basic communication for the average person, but they are profitable revenue streams for online marketers.

Use social media platforms like Twitter and Instagram to engage your target audience daily.

Each time you produce new content, don’t be afraid to share it. This is an excellent way to drive traffic back to your websites and affiliate offers.

Learn how to interact on social media to bring more people in your niche back to your offers.

One key point is to learn the do’s and do not’s on each platform you choose to use.

12.   Use SEO for Organic Traffic

SEO is that great big elephant in the room that no one wants to talk about. It’s like it’s there but it isn’t there.

Using SEO strategies to get your blogs and websites noticed is still a factor on driving organic traffic to your website.

This can be a tricky topic… what is good to do and what is not? How do Google and other search engines decide what articles and videos rank on the first page?

The bottom line is that, as marketers, we have to learn about SEO because it still is an important factor in generating long-term traffic to our blogs and websites.

13.   Add Pins to Pinterest Everyday

Pinterest is considered a social medial platform, but it is in a league of its own.

This site has all the feel of social medial with the power of search combined… which means there is huge potential to drive loads of traffic to your affiliate offers.

Pinning to Pinterest is somewhat of an art form. It requires learning how to create attractive images with the best Pinterest image creation tool.

Creating boards, pinning and sharing content are all techniques that, if mastered, can bring a lot of organic traffic to your site consistently.

Learn how to use Pinterest and add pins to your profile daily.

14.   Be Consistent In Your Efforts

Consistency is the key to success. There are always more failures than successes, but one or two breakthroughs usually outweigh all the failures combined.

Learning how to be an affiliate marketer and then replicating your strategy over and over again is an excellent way to see consistency in profits.

Bloggers blog… meaning that bloggers continually produce content daily, or weekly to keep engaging their audience.

It could be blogs, videos, ads, emails, or social media. Whatever means you choose to use to produce your content… be consistent in your efforts to produce content regularly.

15.   Be Patient With Your Results

There is always the possibility of making money quickly… but that doesn’t always mean making money immediately.

Learn what it means to be an online marketer, form a marketing strategy and be patient with the results.

Making money online is a process, and part of the process is being patient. I can’t guarantee your success specifically, but I can tell you that it does take time.

Embrace the process, do the work and be patient with the results.

16.   Learn More About Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketers weren’t born into this trade. This is a skill that has to be learned, implemented, tested, and implemented again and again.

It can take years to start making the money you want… especially if you do everything on your own.

Most “Expert” marketers either learned from mentors or they learned from online courses to speed up the process to become successful digital marketers.

If you are serious about becoming a successful affiliate marketer… it is advisable to find the best training to help you in your journey.

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